Tech Sparks 2013 Grand Finale

India biggest tech startup discovery platform

TechSparks™, an initiative undertaken by, India’s biggest digital media platform for startups, entrepreneurs and SMBs, is aimed at bridging the gap between the potential of product technology companies in India and the opportunities for them to scale, by bringing together the entire technology ecosystem - which involves investors, experienced entrepreneurs, developers, corporates and the media under a single roof.

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5 October 2013

Bangalore, India

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  • Go to to see the articles starting to trickle in from @techsparks2013 #tsparks

  • @techsparks2013 Let the celebrations begin :) #Tsparks ! #startup

  • We just got some #startup #twitter love. #tsparks back trending to No3 in Bangalore. @YourStorydotin @techsparks2013

  • Anu Vaidyanathan is now on stage at #tsparks 2013

  • A standing ovation for the @YourStorydotin team :) #Tsparks @techsparks2013

  • "The point of design is to optimise every part of the business," Nick Talbot at #tsparks

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Your Story did a phenomenal job at Tech Sparks! Congrats ...

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